Orphan Spirit No More

Orphan Spirit No More

24″x36″ acrylic on canvas

Painted during Saturday night worship service.

A couple days prior to this painting, I started to get the impression that I was supposed to paint an “orphan spirit” being broken off of someone. As Saturday night came, I felt this being impressed upon me even more strongly by the Lord.

I didn’t know what an orphan spirit might look like, so I started painting abstractly, and this is what came out. There is darkness, which is dissipating and fleeing, as it is overtaken by the Light, and by the blood of Christ.

God is replacing the orphan spirit with a declaration of sonship. The Father’s mighty arms are lifting the son’s head. He is placing a robe of gold upon the son, and crowning him with a crown of light. The blood of Jesus covers the son, and his identity is now in Christ. There also seem to be some wings in the picture, which were not intentional. I think there may also be some other things that God is revealing.

And here’s the kicker. I had no idea that the pastor would be preaching an entire message about the prodigal son later in the service, with an emphasis on the identies of both the prodigal son and his brother. Wow God!

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